Saturday, January 1, 2011

Must Make Some Changes

So, this New Year is the first in a while I have decided to make some resolutions. I normally don't because I never really commit. This year, there is a NEED to commit to some changes.

Here it goes:

  • I MUST start working out more regularly.
  • I WILL scrapbook at least a layout weekly.
  • I love to make cards and WILL get better at sending out birthday, anniversary, get well, condolences or 'just because' cards.
  • We, as a family need to become more aware of money. What goes in, what comes out, luxuries vs necessities. Must get personal finances in better shape.
  • Roping in #5 into #1, must lose weight and inches. I'd love to be an inspiration to my daughters. And ultimately, healthy=happy.
  • One very important thing I need to personally do is STOP procrastinating. I often put things off to the last minute and I stress myself out. This too, I believe will make me happier.

Well, here it goes! Wish me luck in 2011 to reach my goals and push myself in my personal challenges the the tough gets goin'. I'll blog weekly at least to post victories, challenges and anything in between! Here's to a Happy and Healthy NEW YEAR!!