Monday, June 23, 2008

New Card

I was lucky enough to buy a couple of Kelliannie's new stamp sets. It came with some invite words and some other stuff but I just wanted to use the set. The little girl is so cute! Can't wait to get more ;)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jaclyn Golfing


first week of golf lessons, she is really loving it so of course we took her to get her own set of clubs. She starts her next lesson tomorrow which lasts for the week.

More Sam and Jac

Jaclyn's reaction to her surprise visit from Samantha!

Jaclyn answered the door and it took her about 5 seconds to recognize Samantha, not because she looks different, but she wasn't expecting to see her! And when she did, she said, "Oh my God, Oh my God!" The moment was priceless, I really regret not having it on video but at least I got some pictures. They have not seen each other in over a year. I don't know how I'll outdo myself, that's how good it was!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Day at the Lake

This was last year at Lake Dillon in CO. It was a bit cloudy and cold for fishing. You know, as a mom you have these bright ideas... well I had this vision of taking the girls fishing, wouldn't that be fun??
Well problem #1 with girls, usually have to pack soooo much stuff... you know... JUST IN CASE! So, not only did we have way too much food and drink (I guess I secretly thought we'd get lost and need to survive LOL) WE DIDN'T TAKE FISHING GEAR!!! I guess I thought we could rent??? Silly me... So there we go to the sporting goods store, to buy 4 fishing rods a tackle box, worms, the whole works. So there goes about $150. Oh well, this should be fun. Now we have to go down to the lake from the parking area..... no biggie...... oh crap, we have our cooler which is filled with ice+drinks+munchies= HEAVY! And how about that, I have flip flops on (I wanted minimal tan lines ya know)! Always thinkin' ahead, Marie.
Problem #2, we have to prepare the fishing lines. Oh, wait.... the bait we bought was... um... worms...and oh gosh they are ALIVE!!!!!!! EEW!!!!! Nice going Marie..

Monday, June 2, 2008

8th Grade is Over, I Officially Have a High Schooler!!! EEKS!

So today was last day of middle school for DD. Here is the card I made for her graduation. DH bought her an ipod base so she will quit taking mine and his!!! Was sort of a gift for us too, hehehe! Plus he bought her an itunes gift card. TFL.

Embellishments on "The Hug Says it All"

The Hug Says it All

This is the first 2 page LO of the book. Last summer DD friend came to CO to stay with us for a week to visit. Journaling reads:
left page- "a time to remember, 6/13/2007" (October Afternoon, Remember When stamp set)
right page- "The anticipation leading up to this moment was felt by travelers coming or going. I'm so glad I captured this reunion! It truely is priceless..."

This is the front inside cover of the book. I am actually making two because it is for a friends BDay, but I decided I'd put it off too long to make one for myself.

Birthday Project using Bind it All

This is the front cover for the scrapbook. Funny thing, I read my Scrapbook Etc. I got in the mail today and one of the Q&A's was about best advice or guidance you ever got was, ' there are no mistakes, just room for embellishment', which is how I got to embellish the two clips on the right, I accidentally didn't put the cover all the way into the BIA and it cut just a chip out of the edge. Grr, but it all worked out...