Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer is fading...

So as I'm noticing the brisk feeling in the mornings, some of the grass is fading to a softer green I think of how I really love spring and fall weather. But I also get a slight sadness. I realize that fresh bing cherry season is close to over (probably my FAVORITE fruit, especially when you get that really dark, really sweet and 'crunchy' cherry!!). Along with no more cherries, no more green grass, no more flip flops, girls can't enjoy the outdoors as much (jumping on the trampoline and creating masterpieces with sidewalk chalk), popsicles on a hot day and just today I saw what I thought was a beautiful butterfly, but turned out it was a moth, but still it was beautiful and I don't think they are around in winter!! LOL!! Oh, and how can I forget, no more grilling!! Well, I guess we can grill but it's definitely more of a summer thing.

I am anxious for fall but today and lately I was feeling sorta... hmmm, well sorta bummed (don't wanna use the word sad, too strong) so I made a scrap page! Always makes me feel happy and accomplished (even though I'm running late for getting dinner on, so technically I'm running behind = unaccomplished-hehehe!) Yeah, I know, I sound like I care tremendously!!

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